Confluence JLatexMath Macro

The purpose of this macro was to have a simple to use and full featured way to insert formulas/equations on Confluence pages.

The existing macros could be used, but they had some needs or limitations:

  • Depends on Javascript resources
  • Works only on Browsers
  • Depends on server binaries which should be installed a part from Confluence

This macro works on any browser (IE tested only above 9) and will work on PDF export.


There's two options to insert LaTeX content using this macro:

  • JLatexMath Block: Will be inserted as a block on the page, the LaTeX input should be defined on page.
  • JLatexMath Inline: Will be inserted aligned with the text you place around it


If you have any trouble using the macro, don't be shy and throw an e-mail to:

confluence.jlatexmath.macro AT gmail DOT com

Please, add the following information to your message:

  • Description in English
  • Confluence version
  • Confluence installation type (cloud or server)
  • Confluence JLatexMath Macro version
  • Problematic input
  • Screenshots showing the problem