Recent Work

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Cloudflare Access for Atlassian plugin

Developed plugin to integrate Atlassian products (JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket) with Cloudflare© Access authentication.

OpenSource project in Github

Tech involved: Java, Spring, Atlassian SDK

JLatexMath Macro

Atlassian Confluence macro which enables to include LaTeX Formulas on pages and comments.

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Tech involved: Java


Service for speeding up cashier lines on night clubs and restaurants. As a founder I built the website and the prototype for the app. Unfortunately we shutdown the project.

Mobtab Website

Tech involved: Java, JQuery, Bootstrap, Android, iOS

Prefeitura 2016 S�o Paulo

A dashboard showing reputation of 2016 mayor election canditates. The data is consumed from a machine learning system which was developed under my lead.

Prefeitura 2016 SP Ranking

Tech involved: Java, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular.js 1.x

TRisk Hotsite

Product landing page and contact form. TRisk is a system initially developed under my lead.

TRisk Hotsite

Tech involved: JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP